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We at STIC are committed to peace

on this planet and the achievement of the Global Goalsto promote sustainable prosperity and social justice. For the rich countries of the Global North, the limits of unrestrained growth have long been reached.

The socio-ecological transformation of society, politics and the economy is urgently needed. This necessary change is not a utopia to us, but a realistic option for the future if we act and change course now. STIC has dedicated itself to accompanying this major change, which is multi-layered because the prerequisites and options for action of the actors are different.


For us, an important lever in this transformation is leadership! Our origins lie in systemic organizational development. We extend our professional attitude to the large target framework of the social-ecological transformation and make our empathy, ethics and expertise available to all organizations that are now on their way towards more sustainability, climate neutrality and social justice.

Definition of the Concept »Social-Ecologica«

Climate change, which was caused by the countries of the Global North, has been gathering enormous momentum since the advent of neoliberal economics 30 years ago. The economic activities of the fossil industry, mass production-oriented agriculture, individually designed mobility or the financial system disconnected from the real economy are putting extreme pressure on the life-giving systems of our planet.


Many planetary boundaries have already been crossed. The livelihoods of current and future generations are threatened. The social crisis is closely linked to the ecological crisis.


The socio-ecological transformation of the economy and society has as its goal that all people can live well now and in the future while respecting planetary boundaries. To do this, they must be able to adequately meet their basic needs. They need a fair scope for action and opportunities for participation, as well as equitable and inclusive decision-making processes.

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