Organizational Development

Conception and monitoring

Organizational development (OD) comprises the conception and monitoring of changes in organizations. The goal is to actively involve the people concerned at as many hierarchical levels as possible right from the start.


Through organizational development, you can, for example, develop a new strategic orientation of your company on the model of the Economy for the Common Good (please click here for a link to ECG under »Team«) or suitable measures for the development of a sustainable corporate culture or special programs for the development of a management structure fit for future generations.

The methods

The methods of agile organizational development are of particular value to us. They rely on self-control, increase internal complexity through networked structures and can thus more flexibly counter the growing fragility externally. The central question of the purpose of an organization brings it much closer to its social environment than classical models would suggest.

The cooperative leadership

We are convinced that the cooperative leadership approach further developed by Bernd Oesterreich and Claudia Schröder in the 2010s offers leadership and organizational principles that are of great value for the upcoming transformation.

Agile Guild

STIC is a member of the »Agile Guild«, a community of professionals for peer-to-peer self-organization and agile organizational development, who support each other professionally in this topic, regularly get further training and set high quality standards.
Dr. Heike Pfitzner has been active in the agile circle for »Sustainable Organizational Development« since 2021.


In 2018, Dr. Heike Pfitzner and Martina Tadli jointly founded

as a BarCamp format, the »AgileCultureCamp« which annually attracts about 50 interested colleagues from Organizational Development at the beginning of the year for a two-day discussion on sustainability, regenerativity, agility, and practical examples of successful implementation. These camps gave rise to the »Green Consultants Community«, which is dedicated to the development of specific concepts for professional support of the major transformation.

Dr. Heike Pfitzner

You can find more about our specific offers regarding the introduction of agile methods on Heike's pilot page: