Regenerative Leadership

Operate sustainably

We live and operate sustainably in our organization when the balance between give and take, both towards the global ecosystem and towards our own internal ecosystem, is such that both systems remain fully intact in their interconnectedness and functionality in space and time and can continue to develop.

Regenerative Leadership

is characterized by an understanding, an attitude, and a resulting leadership behavior that

  • takes account for the fact that we as human beings - with our organizations - form functional parts of a larger ecosystem with which we permanently interact;
  • intends to refrain from causing further damage to the global ecosystem,
  • contributes to healing or regenerating damaged ecosystems,
  • views the organization to be led as an ecosystem in its own right, serving a purpose within the global ecosystem and a common good purpose within the community of people,
  • strives for and dynamically realizes the internal and external sustainability of the organization to be managed and all its parts within the purpose orientation of the organization at all times.

The target image of this kind of leadership ensures the livelihood of future generations and a good life for all living beings in their habitats within the planetary boundaries of planet Earth.


At the three levels of leadership, and in operational terms, this means:

  • Renewal of self-leadership (leading oneself in a sustainable way)
  • Connected/vibrant team leadership (leading other people in a sustainable way)
  • Meaningful goal management (aligning one's own area/organization in a meaningful way)